Member Benefits

Your membership at Desktop Coworking Community comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

Unlimited House Coffee from Kennesaw Coffee Co.

House Brewed Premium Coffee, cream, and sugar

5 Hours of Meeting Room Time (Thrive, Accelerate)

Use your complimentary hours to book time in advance to host client meetings and team gatherings.

Gigabit Speed Wifi

Use password BuildingMomentum2 and log in with your email and password to access the member wifi

24/7 Access

Upgrade to 24/7 access for just $20 more per month! 

Tech Support

We have partnered with Harmony Computing to provide on-sight tech support to our members. Harmony also manages the network and IT security for our space. We take our members cyber security very seriously and with the expertise of Harmony Computing, we are confident that our members will continue to have…

Note: Not all benefits are available to all membership levels, and all benefits are subject to availability.