Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

                                                  Desktop Coworking Community, LLC

                                                                Terms and Conditions


As a Desktop member you will have access to the Business Club area Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm. 24-hour access membership levels are available.

Desktop is at any time entitled to reserve parts of the Business Club for its own use and to inform members which desks are available for their own use. The Business Club must be cleared at the end of each day and you are solely responsible for your belongings.

Members will maintain the facilities in their existing condition and notify Desktop immediately should any damage occur. The member is liable for any damage caused by the Member or their guests.

Members will use the facilities in a way that regards the rights and interests of other users, including but not limited to noise levels, amount of space occupied and use of the wireless internet connection.

Members will comply with the Desktop House rules available at any time from the front desk. Members will also ensure their guests are aware of and compliant with the House Rules.

Desktop will have no liability in respect of any act, omission, neglect, delay or default by any of our staff contractors or agents. Desktop will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of property in the center, including any property stored in lockers. If for any reason Desktop is inaccessible on the commencement date of this Agreement the Member will be entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and the obligations of the parties will be suspended until Desktop is accessible. Desktop is entitled to suspend the provision of Desktop services in the case of circumstances beyond our control (fire, flooding etc.). In such circumstances monthly membership payments will be suspended. The fee will resume when the premises are deemed useable again.

This Agreement lasts for the period stated in it and will be extended automatically for successive periods equal to the current term but no less than 3 months (unless legal renewal term limits apply) until terminated by the Member or Desktop. All periods shall run to the last day of the month in which they would otherwise expire. The fees on any renewal will be at the then prevailing market rate.

Either Desktop or the Member can terminate this Agreement at the end date stated in it, or at the end of any extension or renewal period by giving at least 3 months WRITTEN NOTICE for a 12-month contract, 2 months notice for a 6-month contract or 1 month notice for a 1 or a 3-month contract. Desktop reserves the right to terminate this Agreement if a Member is in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions or the Desktop House Rules. If a Member becomes insolvent, bankrupt, goes into liquidation or administration, ceases to carry out their business or becomes unable to pay their debts as they fall due, Desktop may put an end to this Agreement immediately without any requirement to give notice.

A Desktop member can invite his /her clients and/or business contacts into the Business Club. All visitors must be signed in by the Member at reception in advance of the visit. There is a maximum of 2 guests per visit and a maximum of 4 hours per guest per visit. If more visitors need to be entertained, meetings rooms are available.

Desktop memberships are personal and cannot be transferred, assigned or used by others.

Our local standard service agreement and conditions of use will automatically apply to your use of any particular service and your use of any accommodation(s). Desktop reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and conditions of use at any time, and local variations may exist. Terms and Conditions of use are available upon request. We also reserve the right to alter or terminate the Desktop Membership program, or any account there under, at any time without notice. Under these circumstances, Desktop’s liability is limited to fees paid in advance.

Desktop reserves the right to adjust the membership fee at the time of renewal to compensate for inflation.

You acknowledge and accept that your personal data may be transferred or made accessible to all entities of Desktop, wherever located, for the purposes of providing the services herein.

The Desktop Membership program is intended for your temporary use of our facilities. In order to best serve you and create a professional workplace for our Members, we reserve the right to limit or terminate member usage if we consider it to be non-compliant with any applicable terms or conditions of use.

Desktop members may not use any center as their business address without an accompanying office or mail handling agreement in place.

All payments for Monthly membership fees and additional charges shall be paid by direct debit. Membership fees are to be paid monthly in advance. Your billing date will commence on the day your membership begins and that date will be your renewal date each month. Collection for any additional fees takes place on the last day of each calendar month prior to the start date. You agree to pay all fees when they are due. In the event that you do not pay fees when they are due, you may be charged a late fee and interest on the unpaid balance starting from your due date. Desktop may also suspend your privileges until the dues are settled. You may also be responsible for any additional collections charges incurred by Desktop. All amounts payable by the Member under this agreement may be assigned to other members of the Desktop group.

Discounts, Promotions and Offers: You agree that, unless prohibited by applicable law, Desktop may discontinue with immediate effect and without the need to give formal written notice any and all discounts, promotions and offers remaining on this agreement if during its term you breach these terms and conditions, are one month past due in payment or are assessed a late fee in any two months.

Printing Services: Printing prices have been updated. Member print codes can be added to the coworking membership for .10 cents per copy for both Black and White and color printing and copying. Members will be billed as an additional charge at the end of each month.

Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary Desktop shall not be liable for the death of, or injury to Members or Guests or for any damage to any property of theirs, or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or other liability incurred by them in the exercise of the rights granted by the Agreement. Desktop shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for direct or indirect damage suffered by the Member or his/her business including damage arising from the activities of other Desktop Members, consequential loss, lost sales, unrealized profit, missed savings, loss or damage of data or damage as a result of the interruption of company operations.

This agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the law of the place where the relevant Desktop center is located. All dispute proceedings will be conducted in the country, state or province where the Desktop center is located.

The terms of this Agreement are confidential and neither party shall disclose them without the other’s prior written consent, unless required to do so by law or an official authority.